Communication is something we repeat every day. Therefore, how to communicate quickly and effectively, and convey your point of view to the other party has become an extremely important topic. The method I want to talk about today is PREP framework.

PREP Framework

PREP stands for Point, Reason, Example, Point, this method is recommended by ToastMasters International as probably the easiest one to learn and use.

  • Point: The main point for your audience to follow and comprehend.
  • Reason: Back up your point with evidence to add credibility.
  • Example: Provide examples of evidence to support your main point.
  • Point: Wrap up by reiterating your main point so that it sticks in people’s minds.


Here is a simple example:

  • Point: Don’t go to swim today
  • Reason: As you will get sick
  • Example: The water is polluted today (a lot of harmful substances are present)
  • Point: For your healthy, never go to swim today


Obviously, PREP framework is the basic skill of team communication, such as how to hold meetings and communicate, not only takes less time, but also doubles the efficiency.

You can use the PREP to structure your speech as well as for day to day communication in the workplace.