An OGSM framework is a business planning tool that helps organizations, teams and individuals define and link their long-term visions to short-term and medium-term goals and activities.

OGSM Framework

OGSM stands for Objective, Goals, Strategies, Measures, it’s a straightforward tool you can use to help you put your corporate vision or strategy into action. You can use it to map out your organizational, team or personal goals, and to turn ideas into concrete activities. But in this article I want to talk about an enhanced OGSM as following.

  • Issue: what issue that you want to solve. (Text)
  • Objective: a clearly written, short statement of what you want to achieve. (Text)
  • Goals: describes what success should look like. (Data)
  • Strategies: sets out how you will achieve your goals. (Text)
  • Measures: how you will monitor the delivery of your strategies. (Data)
  • Tactics: the methods that you choose to use in order to achieve what you want. (Text)


Here is a simple example:

  • Issue: no boyfriend.
  • Objective: looking for a rich and handsome boy.
  • Goals: find a healthy, rich and handsome man to marry within three years.
  • Strategies: classes, marriage website, introduction by parents.
  • Measures: for example, introductions by parents are less reliable because of different values
  • Tactics: since it is impossible to achieve according to the measurement, the final tactic is to marry a boy with same values within 5 years.


Learn the above problem-solving logic, you can be competent in any management position (such as CEO), communicate with anyone. If you don’t know the premise of the goal, please don’t waste time talking about the method, the goal changes the method, and the method is the goal for service. There is nothing more dangerous than answering the wrong issue correctly. The issue is wrong, the whole is wrong, and the general direction is wrong, No matter how hard you try, it is a waste of time.