What’s up?

When you use yay -S <package> to install some package and face this prompt errors occured, no packages were upgraded, don’t worry, this article will guide you to settle it down.

Problem reproduce

At First, let’s try to remove any local package(e.g. zoom) mannually:

$ sudo rm -rf /var/lib/pacman/local/zoom-2.9.265650.0716-1/

And then we install this package again:

$ yay -S zoom

Look! We reproduced this problem as below:


Fix the problem

Since we only partially removed the package metadata files, the package is inconsistent with the database, so that the package was corrupted.

Therefore, we should install the package with overwrite option:

$ yay -S zoom --overwrite '*'


$ yay -S zoom --dbonly

Congratulations! Now the package can be installed without any error prompts.