Here’s a table of the consonants in English.

Manner Voicing Symbol Word Transcription More Examples
Plosives/Stops Voiceless [p] pat [pæt] put, post, apart, spar
    [t] tie [taɪ] type, stem, nasty, mostly
    [k] car [kɑː] caught, coin
  Voiced [b] bat [bæt] bash, base, buy
    [d] dig [dɪɡ] date, day, sled
    [g] get [get] give, girl, game, go
Fricatives Voiceless [f] fat [fæt] follow, fee, fan, find
    [θ] thin [θɪn] thank, theme, thumb
    [s] sat [sæt] set, some, saw, size
    [ʃ] shoe [ʃuː] shut, should, show, ship
  Voiced [v] vat [væt] view, via, video, visa
    [ð] then [ðen] that, they, though
    [z] zoom [zuːm] zero, zone, zoo, rose
    [ʒ] measure [meʒə] leisure, rouge, zhuzh, geste
Affricates Voiceless [ʧ] church [tʃɜːtʃ] chew, chair, choose, change
  Voiced [ʤ] judge [dʒʌdʒ] jaw, just, join, jack
Nasals   [m] mat [mæt] man, mate, most, mean, maybe
    [n] not [nɒt] night, name, normal, sinner
    [ŋ] sing [sɪŋ] singer, singing, ling
Approximants   [r] rope [rəʊp] rank, pray, crime, rest
    [l] late [leɪt] land, link, play, climb, light
    [j] yet [jet] yank, you, new, due
    [w] win [wɪn] west, wine, wheel, whine, would
Other Symbols/Sounds   [h] hard [hɑːd] who, whole, hand, here, hat
    [ç] huge [hjuːdʒ] pew, queue, tube
    [ɫ] help [help] table, feel
    [ʔ] football [fʊtbɔːl] stop, teaching, chocolate